About CanSolAir

about CanSolAirAbout CanSolAir

J.P. (Jim) Meaney first started experimenting with his solar heating panel idea back in 1977. It was more or less a hobby until 1989. Thirteen years of research and prototypes until finally developing and testing the Model RA 240 SOLAR MAX with the assistance of NRC (National Research Council). 

Since 1987 we have invested heavily in CanSolAir Research and Development and gained world class knowledge and expertise in solar thermal energy with a network of over 200 dealers in 17 nations worldwide. Our solutions are engineered to provide the industry's highest output ratings.

Today we are one of the world's leading manufacturers of solar air heating solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We know the importance of controlling the entire production chain from the sourcing of the best raw materials to high quality production standards.

Our engineered simplicity in design means near zero defects and quicker installation time.


Why Us

Why UsWhy Us

We Put the Quality In The Box For You.

25 years-1 CanSolAir's energy, commitment and passion are guided by our Vision.

"We will together instill the beliefs in CanSolAir focus "CanSolAir POWER" and execute them with conviction under a strong teamwork spirit and learning environment in order to offer the best values in terms of products and services to delight our customers.

In doing so, we will become the leading world class solar heating company which can sustain satisfactory business growth and profitability."

C : Customer Satisfaction
A : Adherence to Quality
N : New Technologies and Innovation
S : Speed and Sense of Urgency
O : Open-mindedness
L : Leaders in Innovation
A : Advanced Solar Thermal Technologies
I : Initiation and Innovation
R : Research and Development

P : Pro-activeness and Professional
O : Outstanding Service
W : World Class Products
E : Entrepreneurship
R : Recognition and Reputation

Training and Support

Training and SupportTraining and Support

How To Be the Solar Heating Services Provider Your Customers Use Above All Others

CanSolAir provides the training and support you will need to start properly, learn to effectively manage your business and focus on growing sales and increasing profitability. CanSolAir is the only company in the solar heating business category that offers a WOW! Factor advertising program to help develop an initial customer base and build momentum for the growth of the business.

Installer TrainingHands-on Support

  • Online eClassroom training
  • On-site training option
  • Follow-up training 60 days after the opening
  • A personal Support Consultant dedicated to helping your business grow
  • Business plan development if needed
  • Accounting/financial support
  • National, international and local marketing support

 Technology That Makes a Difference!

  • Web-based training and manuals.
  • FREE advanced solar tools that help evaluate your customer's location
  • Access to the CanSolAir Marketing Center featuring proven marketing materials, tools and programs.
  • 24/7 access to our Customer Relations Management services.
  • A custome CanSolAir web site for your business connecting your customers to a host of services in the cansolair.com domain.
  • Online Dealer FAQ's that allow our dealers to find answers and connect with experts and mentors within the system and keep up-to-date on important CanSolAir events.

 Our solar technology’s power is underpinned by our people. CanSolAir is proud of the collaborative culture that it has helped build among its dealers. Some of the best advice is freely given by dealership owners around the country who have become experts in certain areas of the solar business. Our web tools point new dealers toward the experts, and we pair new dealership owners with mentors. In addition to all of the tools training and support available, our dealers support one another as friends and resources.

Territory Availability

Territory AvailabilityCanSolAir Solar Dealer Development

CanSolAir Solar Dealers are located throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. Territories are available in most areas although existing qualified dealers enjoy territorial protection.

How much are start-up costs?

Start-up costs vary depending on location but can be as little as $6000. This includes the minimum purchase of 2 RA 240 SOLAR MAX solar furnaces, $500 dealership fee and customized advertising materials. We recommend an initial investment of approximately $15,000 in working capital for the purchase of 6 units and various costs associated with normal business start-up.

Additionally there is a customized web presence option available should you not have a web site and want one for your CanSolAir business promotion.

How is my location chosen?

If you do not have an existing storefront CanSolAir works with you and local real estate representatives to find locations in your area that meet CanSolair’s criteria. It’s not a heavy-handed process. Dealers ultimately identify locations of interest with CanSolAir’s assistance, and then CanSolAir provides help with lease negotiation through lease execution. We are with you every step of the way!


Our Expectations

Our ExpectationsOur Expectations

Let's begin with Customer Satisfaction

We back our dealers with our years of experience and knowledge of solar thermal heating. We expect outstanding customer satisfaction from our dealer network. To us, it only indicates we are at least doing what we are supposed to do. Our customers have given us a strong reputation to live up to, and we are committed to continually surpass their expectations. As a CanSolAir Dealer your business is service, and to maintain a high standard of quality and reliability for your customers. We understand the needs and demands of consumers and our dealers and we are here to provide them with outstanding customer satisfaction.

Dealer responsibility

  • Dealers are required to carry an inventory to meet customer demands and sales volumes. Quantity discounts are available based on the number of units purchased.
  • Dealers are required to actively market CanSolAir products and file monthly sales and marketing reports. Sales are not made until a dealer actively pursues them.
  • Dealers have to come to terms with our expectations OR it's time to close up the dealer.

Expected sales data

Monthly sales data reports are the most important information for both CanSolAir and our dealers. Whether it is related to a salesperson's activity, or overall market share performance, sales data is core to the beginning of almost all CanSolAir dealer activities. Since “nothing happens until the sales is made,” and sales are not made until a dealer actively persues them, inspection of the sales and marketing data naturally is the most important data of all.

The CanSolAir dealer’s performance is compared against a group average to gain insight into how well or poorly the dealership is truly performing. We look at the “expected opportunity” sales volume based on the group averages within other dealer areas to determine a dealer's sales performance. We also compare the dealer’s historic and current sales volumes, ranking within a zone or region, against the CanSolAir initiated sales objective.

Dealer Posting Status on the CanSolAir site is achieved with five units in previous twelve months.

Customer Referral Status achieved with ten units within the previous twelve months.

Our Process

Our ProcessOur Process

Solar Man team

Making sure CanSolAir is a good fit

Choosing the dealership opportunity that best suits your personality and skills is critical. For CanSolAir there's nothing more important than bringing the right dealers into the system. CanSolAir's exploration process has been engineered to provide you with all of the information you'll need to make an informed business decision about becoming a CanSolAir Dealer and typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete.


In order to represent Cansolair and our product lines and to ensure a high quality of customer service, you must:

  1. invest in a minimum of 2 SOLAR MAX solar furnace units. Our dealer's profit margins increase with volume. We highly recommend an initial order of 6 units which will give you a 30% profit margin and show CanSolAir you have both the financial ability to represent us and the commitment to marketing our products.
  2. become a Cansolair Qualified Installer. Installer number issued after completion of online training followed by a ten minute pre-installation phone consultation to discuss best practices and review the manuals.

Due Diligence

Upon receipt and review of your dealer application, our representative will send you a copy of CanSolair's Dealership Disclosure Document and explain the due diligence process. You will then be encouraged to seek legal or financial advice if you deem necessary. At this time, both parties will be seeking to confirm mutual interest in moving forward. During this step in the process, we will work hard to ensure you understand what a “good fit” is with CanSolAir and that we understand what is important to you.

Next Steps

Next StepsNext Steps

Thank you for taking the time to learn about CanSolAir and our exciting dealership opportunity. We’re eager to meet people who are interested in helping our nation’s small businesses grow by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

If you’re just beginning to explore business or dealership opportunities, we urge you to get in touch. Our 25+ years of dealership experience has taught us that there are two basic types of people who are interested in starting a small business.

The first look for the right time to start a business, but often never do because life almost always presents obstacles.

The second make it the right time to start a business and then go to work to make sure they are right about that decision. They believe skill, intelligence and execution conquer obstacles and make “the right time” now.

We’re eager to tell you more about what CanSolAir offers dealerships as well as the communities we serve, and we’re also happy to put you in touch with dealership owners in your area so that you can ask them their views on the business. Starting a business is a big decision, and we want to answer any question you may have.

To begin this exciting journey as a CanSolAir Dealer please complete

Reseller Application

Should you have further questions please contact CanSolAir's Dealer Services.

Thank you for your interest in CanSolAir. Good luck as you consider business opportunities. We hope to welcome you to the family soon!


"Till now man has been up against Nature; from now on he will be up against his own nature." - Dennis Gabor, Inventing the Future, 1964
© CanSolAir of Canada
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