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Cansolair Ra240 Solarmax Solar Air Heater reviews

5 reviews for Cansolair Ra240 Solarmax Solar Air Heater

Review 1

Ra240 Cansolair by Justin Hollander
Date Added: Wednesday 18 April, 2007
State of installation: Massachusetts
Type of house: Custom ranch
Size of house: approx. 4000 sf

I installed this unit to an addition of my house that was built on lally columns. This room was constantly cold due to high ceilings and the amount of exposed walls, floors, etc.

I mounted the Solarmax on the wall of the southern exposed side of the addition. I had to mount the panel horizontally (which still works well) due to the low height of the walls of the addition.

During clear days, this panel continuously pumps out hot air. The room now gets so warm, I have to turn on the ceiling fan to disperse the heat to the adjoining kitchen. I have an indoor thermometer in the kitchen that records temperatures around 74 degrees when the panel is on. The room stays warm well into the night.

I have definitely saved money on oil since the heating zone on this part of the house does not turn on when the sun is out.

Massachusetts does not charge sales tax on this, or other, alternative energy products. I also got a nice write off on my taxes at the end of the year.

The folks at CanSolAir are easy to work with.



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