The Cansolair Experience:

We installed this product in the early spring. Not the best time for testing it.

Where we live there is very little sun between mid March and mid May. However, on those few sunny days the temperature of the air coming out of the product was over 38 degrees C and the CanSolAir product is not affected by the wind and the Solar Wall does not work if it is windy.

We will do a parallel test this winter and get comparison figures. From the little experience I have had I know what the results will be. The Cansolair will come out ahead, even with a Solar Wall three times bigger.

I think there are two reasons for this. The Cansolair takes inside air and pumps it through a closed system back into the room, while the Solar wall heats outside air. 

The other reason is that the Cansolair has a lens covering the heating ducts, and is not affected by the wind. If you want to heat your house then the Cansolair is the one for you.

We have been very unhappy with the performance of the Solar Wall. The Cansolair is doing what we expected from the Solar Wall. It is one quarter the size, and it was much easier to install.

M.M., Board member of Solar Nova Scotia

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