How can I improve my marketing with little or no money?

Ask yourself - What is my Unique Selling Proposition? What is my "Wow!" factor?

Whatever it is that separates CanSolAir products – your products from the products the competition is selling, that’s your Wow!

Wow+! Call your local newspaper - Maintain relationships with media contacts. One thing that ALL reporters need is a story. Give them one! Then check in with them every month or so and ask how you can help them as an expert in your field. When you do have news, it’s that much easier to get them to print it! That printed story a FREE advertising!!!

Wow+! Call your local radio station talk show host. Don't be shy. They are the same a newspaper reporters - they need stories and guests. More FREE advertising!!!

Wow+! Use the CanSolAir "ready-to-run" background articles. Sending one off at a minutes notice will create a great relationship with papers and radio stations. They'll consider you a source of valuable information!

Wow+! Believe it or not, is the good old fashioned hand-written follow up card. Whether it's to say thank you, that it was a pleasure meeting, or that you are simply looking forward to a future business relationship, you are much more likely to hear back from that lead than someone who I simply met and didn't write to follow up with.

WoW+! - Ask anyone you give a business card to pass it on. "Call, John, mention my name" and with every successful referral send a hand written thank you card with a couple of business cards.

How many hand written cards do you get in the business world these days? Almost's an extremely personal effort that helps you, as their CanSolAir Dealer, stick out and remain memorable in your clients' mind. It seems simple and old-fashioned but it really works!

And it will inspire customers to call you back.

"Every ton of recycled office paper saves 380 gallons of oil."
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