Is there any problem with mounting one of you units over vinyl siding?

No, there is no problem with mounting one of our units over vinyl siding.

How does the unit mount to the outside wall surface?

4 brackets and 4 stainless steel screws.

Is ALL the hardware needed for installation included?

Yes, everything is included except the aluminum duct tape and silicone.

Are there any instructions online that I can check out on how the blower works?

Please carefully read the adjustments instructions in Do It Yourself. Proper tolerances, clearances and adjustments are necessary for optimum blower performance.

What are the wiring requirements are for the fan. Is it a standard 3-prong plug?

Yes, it is a 3 prong plug that is plugged it into the nearest outlet.

Do you cut out A B and C on the panel and the wall so you have six holes total in the wall and three fans?

No, you do not have six holes in the wall. You use either the air flow A-A, B-B or C-C. There is one direct drive backward curved impellor, which goes in the 6" booth. It is much better than a fan at overcoming back pressure. You should go in low with the cold and out high with the hot. We try to cross-transfer the air whenever possible, hence the A-A and C-C, but B-B is acceptable.

Does the model RA 240 Solar max require electrical hook up for any circulating fan?

No, our unit does not require electrical hookup for the fan. You plug the blower into the nearest outlet.

What size holes are needed?

Our system is designed to heat about 8,000 Cubic feet of daytime living space with the 6" square and 4" round through the wall duct provided with the installation kit. Please see the Installation manual located in our Dealer section. The cold air enters the bottom of the panel through the 6" square hole located just above your baseboard and the heated air leaves the top of the panel through the 4" round hole located near your ceiling. If the wall is greater than 10 inches, longer rods may be required.

What type of insulated ductwork is recommended for Cansolair units?

We push the inside flex pipe out of 5 inch insulated flex with 5 inch steel pipe. This provides a smoother bore with less back pressure. But on short runs, straight insulated flex is fine.

Is there special mounts for roof?

Roof mounts are not recommended unless absolutely necessary and a box frame are required to pick up the angle to optimal.

Is there special flashing when penetrating asphalt shingled roof with ductwork?

We recommend 8 inch square flange with soldered 5 inch pipe.

If mounted parallel to roof what is spacing between shingles and back of panel?

3/8 of an inch.

Will heat created by panel melt or distort roofing shingles?

Absolutely not.

Based on your years of experience what problem will I encounter when mounting on roof? (Roof racks? roof leaks? locating roof trusses? routing ductwork? shingle damage? leaks around ductwork? old weathered shingles?) How much extra labor will be involved when installing on roof?

Standard roofing practice as per installing roof mounts, chimneys. Sealing the box and installing the flashings is similiar to sealing aroung sky lights, bathroom vents and chimneys.

It is a full day to day 1/2 to construct and install panels on a roof mounted A-frame box.

How much wall penetration is involved?

There is a 6" square and 4" round hole cut as per the Installation Manual

Which orientation is best? (Length x width / width x length)

Vertical wall mount seems to be the easiest and best yield. Horizontal wall mounts would lose about 15 minutes of blower time daily.

What is the maximum length of pipe run after exiting panel? (Customer wants to heat basement from rooftop)

We have run upwards of 300 feet coming and going combined with approximately 1/3 loss in flow rate.


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