The CanSolAir Model RA 240 SOLAR MAX can save more than a 900 liter (200 gallon) tank of fuel oil annually and subsequently prevents it’s associated 30,000 pounds of air pollution.

Each user achieves their Kyoto one ton emissions reduction target and that of fourteen others as well!

Every one gets the environmental benefit, and all the money saved on fuel bills, goes back into your local economy for the next thirty years or more.

The energy potential of the CanSolAir Model RA 240 SOLAR MAX goes from just ten to fifteen percent of the space heating requirements to over 33.3% or more of heat and hot water energy requirements with just the solar option with the hydronic add on.

Because of the ability to integrate energy feed from other systems, the existing heating system, that now would be controlled by our charge tank aqua-stat, improves in efficiency by 30%.

Then there are the other optional inputs for even more annual savings and fuel diversity.

People who pay for energy at different rates can store when costs are low for later use and distribution by forced air filtered de-stratification units that double as our solar charge exchangers.

A dump load through a resistance water heating element from a small wind turbine would probably make that completely unnecessary by utilizing local wind resources.

Each of the above, or combinations of the above mentioned technologies will reduce your annual budget allowing you money for other things in life.

"The UK receives sufficient sunshine to provide up to 70% of their annual domestic hot water."

30 years in biz

"The U.S. represents 5% of the world's population but uses 25% of its natural resources."
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