Consider the following:

  • Lifespan of an oil furnace is approximately 20 years, as of 2010
  • New Furnace Cost, including installation: About $5,5000 to $8,000

at the lower price of $5,500 the annual cost over 20 years is $275 plus cost of oil used, annual maintenance, filters, etc

  • Most American residential tanks are 275 US Gallons Oil or 1041 litres
  • Most residential tanks in Canada are 1,135 litres

Current home heating oil prices from Stats Canada Consumer Price Index - average price in Canada $1.18.45 per litre

1 tank of fuel oil: 1,135 litres X $1.18.45 = $1,344

The RA 240 SOLAR MAX lowers oil consumption by 1 tank of fuel oil per year or approximately $1,344 in savings at the 2012 fuel oil prices

The RA 240 SOLAR MAX will amortize its cost in approximately 36 months or less

Money saved over the life span of a furnace with the RA 240 SOLAR MAX installed $26,880

Money saved  $26,880 - cost of a new furnace at 2012 prices $5,500 = $21,380 in the consumers pocket

Additionally there is an expected increase in furnace life resulting from lower operation times with the RA 240 SOLAR MAX in operation

Over the past 25 years CanSolAir has sold thousands of the RA 240 SOLAR MAX solar furnaces all over Canada, the US and around the world.

The highest temperatures CanSolAir has had reported was an outside temperature of -41C (-41F) below in Northern Quebec, Canada with +74C (165F) coming out at 2.83 cubic meters per (100 cubic feet) minute under clear sky and drifting snow conditions.  

The large split level home was held at 24C (75F) all day with no other heat source other than the sun.  CanSolAir likes to say a sunny day is another Cansolair Day.

"We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive." - Albert Einstein

30 years in biz

"In 2000, the metal mining industry released 3.3 billion pounds of toxic waste into the environment."
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