CanSolAir's solar heating solutions are designed specifically to maximize the performance in colder northern climates or commercial applications. Our solutions are engineered to provide the industries highest output ratings.

Cansolair Inc. has developed a forced convection solar heating unit called the Model RA 240 SOLAR MAX. A dwelling of 1000 square feet can have a complete air change in 1.5 hours. Working experience indicates that comfortable room temperature can be maintained in a 1000 square foot dwelling with 15 minutes of sunlight per hour.

CSA Approved Maintenance Free Thermostatically Controlled Forced Convection Filtered Air Environmentally Friendly Heat Energy. 240 aluminum cans comprise the core of each Model RA 240 SOLAR MAX.

Ninety cubic feet per minute of colder and relatively heavier air is drawn by a quiet and powerful fan through a filter from near the floor.

This filtered air is pumped through the first checkvalve, the specially modified collector core, and then back into your living space through the last check valve near the ceiling. The resulting high volume air movement not only filters, but will destratify as well as directly heat the air in your home or business. One or more modules can be vertically or horizontally mounted on any South-East, South, or South-West-facing wall or roof that is free from shadow.

Each fully automatic, thermostatically controlled module can maintain average room temperature in about eight thousand cubic feet of residential or commercial space.

These new solar panels can automatically eliminate your having to pay for more conventional and polluting forms of heat energy whenever the sun shines. "Whenever you can see a shadow, why waste money and pollute the air unnecessarily? "Our solar panels are designed to be completely independent of, but complementary to your existing heating system, no matter how large or what type may currently be in your home or building Solar Heating was considered too expensive and impractical, with too long a pay-back; Until Now.

Cansolair has prevented over 100,000,000 pounds of toxic fumes from entering the atmosphere annually. Thousands of environmentally conscious and concerned individuals have already joined the Cansolair Solar Movement. You too can enjoy free environmentally friendly solar heating in your Home or Business.  Make every Sunny Day a Cansolair Day. Why wait for Fall, Do It Now!


"Use the coffee grains on the lawn."

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"Deserts are advancing and taking over the land. Deserts can be repelled, by developing tree-planting projects, having better agriculture and by managing the land better. However, governments still are reluctant to fund anti-desertification, despite horrific droughts that have occurred in recent years."
Zero Carbon Footprint

zero carbon footprint

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