Solar Max Specifications 
Model RA 240 SOLAR MAX
Energy Usage Watts 31
Heat Energy Output Watts 1200 – 2400
Panel Weight lbs / kg 130 /59.09 (crated)
lbs / kg 85 /38.55 (uncrated)
Dimensions inches 44W x 88.5H x 4 thick at sides, 8.5 thick at center
Crated Dimensions inches 48W x 96H x 9 thick
Blower Dimensions (crated) inches 16W x 17H x 13 thick
Lens Curved UV stabilized Polycarbonate
Flow Rate cu. ft/min 100 +
Temperature Gain F 50 to 100 degrees (F) above ambient
Modularly Expandable Yes – working in parallel
Hydronic Integration Yes with exchangers
Power Supply Options 115v AC wall outlet /12v DC 220v-50 Hz. Intl.
BTU’s p/hour Up to 10,000 – see below

Additional Information:
  • Puts out more heat per square foot than any other type of panel at any given irridience level, angle of incidence or flow rate.
  • Hermetically sealed, allowing recirculation of filtered household air. This also means that we are not pulling household air over paint.
  • No fogged lenses or mold; as household moisture laden air is prevented from getting between the lens and the core.
  • Starts sooner, and runs longer with lowest angle of incidence modifier in the industry.
  • No tracking device necessary.
  • Used for space heating, crop/process drying, and preheating of ventilation air.
  • Most cost effective heating system in the world market to date.
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